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2 days ago. We discussed the following topics: The US-China Cold War and the. rapid slowdown in the world economy has forced a globally coordinated.

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 · This work was initiated by the Center for Tropical Forest Science-Smithsonian Institution Global Earth Observatory (CTFSForestGEO) and supported by the National Nonprofit Institute Research Grant of CAF (CAFYBB2017QC003, RITFYWZX201505), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31370441, 31670628) and the Pearl River S&T Nova.

FS Insider interviews Richard Duncan to discuss his recent three-part Macro Watch video presentation on why “it’s time to consider the possibility of an all-out, no holds barred trade war between the United States and China.” Richard explains the background leading up to today’s events, why he belie

Managing wealth with an eye toward the future demands vigilance and skill in today’s global economy. Over the years, I’ve worked with clients and their other professional advisors – including attorneys and accountants – to create comprehensive wealth management plans designed to make the best use of their wealth today and help ensure its endurance for future generations.

A substantial excess of savings over investment has emerged, he says, predominantly in China and Japan and the oil exporters (see chart). This has led to low global real interest. This is the line.

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“The US is not a viable concern anymore” – Duncan.. This policy response is supporting the global economy but it has not even targeted the structural flaws responsible for the crisis.

backward-looking local economy to keep up with the global new-tech one. None of these failures have been remotely hard to identify – unless, it seems, you’re a political or economic analyst. – Jack.

In this presentation, Richard Duncan explains the two distinct phases of chinese monetary policy: Phase One, from 1990 to 2014, when money creation by the PBOC transformed the world; and Phase Two, from mid-2014, when the exhaustion of China’s economic growth model forced the PBOC into a strategy of crisis management.

May 11 – China experienced the "greatest economic boom in the history of the world" based on an export-led and investment-driven growth model, says Macro Watch’s Richard Duncan. Unfortunately, with a slowing global economy and decreasing demand for.