About Club Mahindra Holidays YouTube contest ‘Win a Vacation’ where you can win a fully-paid vacation for giving a creative excuse for a. It might not be uncommon for workers to fake a sick day just to skip work, but some apparently feel the need to get a little more creative, according to a recent study.

Coquitlam RCMP are warning drivers not to get creative with their excuses when pulled over for risky driving, after one speeder was caught rushing home to watch Game of Thrones. Trying to get home in.

Are you chronically late for work? The good news is, you're not alone: At least 16 % of the working population admits to rolling into the office late at least once a.

The more creative you are in your life, the more you’ll be motivated to find more ways to be creative! The spare room project is passionate about time management for creativity, so be sure to subscribe for more articles and resources about it. Excuse #2: I Don’t Have Space

But it is, in fact, an actual excuse given by an actual person for having to take a day off work! And the madness doesn’t stop there! These are the 36 most ridiculous, ludicrous, far-fetched and downright stupid excuses employees have given their bosses for having to take a day off or for showing up late. Enjoy and Happy Friday Recruiters! 1.

We've all been there. Some mornings, the alarm goes off, you know you really should jump in the shower and head off to work.but you're just.

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She tricked him by saying she was still in love with him and they made a mistake by ending their relationship. She would call crying and begging just to meet in person so they could talk face to face. He felt sorry for her not being able to get ov.

National Burrito Day is tomorrow, but burritos are a food to be celebrated on any date. These variations, however, are a rather exciting spin on a beloved classic. Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant, located.

Well, for those children who decided they wanted to come up with an excuse, these are some of the most creative, weird and wonderful reasons.

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