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For residents in the West Grove. abandoned. But the theater, albeit empty, has not been forgotten. Many longtime west grove residents turned out for the historic preservation board’s meeting to.

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Arnold Mittelman, the 21 year-long producing artistic Director of Miami’s renowned Coconut Grove Playhouse has responded to Board requests for his resignation. Board member Lynn Marmtenstein, who was.

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Coconut Grove Playhouse. The building has been abandoned and in disrepair for more than a decade, making it an ideal ghostly haunt. Rumor has it the windows ooze ectoplasm. The public isn’t allowed.

Opened in 1927, the Coconut Grove Playhouse has been abandoned since April 2006. Read more about the history of the Playhouse at https://www.goldenduskphotog.

Hoefling’s home was more mobile than others: He’d lived in a houseboat by Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove for 11 years. reported having their homes crushed with all their belongings inside..

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MIAMI – An employee at a Western Union in Miami said she thought she was going to die after she was attacked by an armed robber in an incident that was caught on surveillance video. Joanne Pierre said.

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Most of the Coconut Grove Playhouse was approved to be demolished in April with a new 300 seat theater, but only preserving the front "v shaped" structure. An appeal hearing is set for October 26 before Miami’s City Commissioners. Abandoned since 2006, photos and video of the inside of the Coconut Grove Playhouse can be viewed here. Exterior Photos

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Greg Policastro, of the Lakeland Police Department. The surveillance video does not clearly show the man’s face, but police said workers already knew what he looked like. One night earlier, police.