Apparently, ADA then went to Netflix to demand the video’s take down on grounds of false health information. If the ADA can do this, what will stop any entity, group, agency, society, etc. from similarly getting these internet giants to censor as well. In the case of root canals, there is MUCH published on the subject, going back even 100 years.

 · In my case, I’m a big Simpsons fan, so are my kids, I have every legitimate season dvd from 1-14, however we’re at season 23 now! Needless to say, I own every episode as I’ve downloaded them all as soon as they release through Isohunt, of course the UK gets them far later than the US so that’s my only option.

Netflix quietly removing over 100 titles in January Here’s What’s Coming to Xbox Game Pass in January – The company also plans to remove some titles over time. If you want to see what games are available before signing up, head here for a full list.

Florida sends $33.4 million in foreclosure settlement money to general revenue | Naked Politics The florida supreme court determined the language of the amendment was not misleading and approved it 4-3. Florida is one of five states that do not allow a property owner to have a third-party installer put solar panels on their roof and sell the power back to them.

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Ann Ackerman-Brown, 59, had told others she had power of attorney and the right to remove the tube. Police said they had found. eyes darting frantically, knocking over a scary-looking photo where.

I’m not a fan of the word “providers” when describing the people have helped me to lose nearly 100 pounds in the last year. But favorite movies on DVD or a netflix binge watch is much better than a.

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Netflix said in a september 18 blog post that its DVD-by-mail service would operate at Instead, U.S. members will continue to use one website, one account and one password for their movie and TV watching enjoyment under the Netflix brand.

 · Instead of hastening to God, we take refuge in superstition, or we murmur against Him, find fault with or even blaspheme His sacred regulations; instead of removing our sins by sincere penance, we continually commit new ones, by murmuring and impatience, by hatred and enmity, by rash judgments, as if the injustice and malice of others were the.

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