Uber is integrating several self-driving Volvo XC90s into their Pittsburgh fleet, which will be assigned to customers at random.

A woman was killed last week in the US after the self-driving system of an Uber car failed to detect that she was crossing the street. One Israeli startup’s night vision technology could have.

Society still has to decide how much invasive technology it will permit in self-driving cars in the name of safety. Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, a group representing companies like.

Now, Uber’s self-driving program hasn’t been unscathed. It faces a vicious lawsuit from Waymo, Google’s self-driving car spinoff, which accuses it of using stolen IP to advance its autonomy research.

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“Uber took our technology to win the. a “Team Mac,” i.e. another self-driving car project within Google competing with an internal effort in the same vein as Steve Jobs’s secret Macintosh.

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 · After a bomb exploded in Manhattan, leaving 29 injured, people leaving the scene discovered uber had doubled their fares. An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes The sun: traumatized families caught up in the New York bomb blast have accused Uber of cashing in on the tragedy by charging almost double t.

Driver assistance systems: the next step: automated driving functions and exemplary safety. The S-Class is all set to take another major step towards the future of autonomous driving, raising mercedes-benz intelligent drive to the next level in the process.

“Largely, Uber is a technology company, so if you think about who can provide fleet management services I think the list is rather short” and includes Hertz as well as Avis Budget Group Inc. to.

Uber’s autonomous truck development – the focus of its Advanced Technology Group that’s also working on a driverless car – comes out of the company’s acquisition of the self-driving truck startup Otto.

That’s similar to the cost of a ride from Uber. that could come from integrating self-driving cars combined with streamlined public transit. The partnership between Waymo and Phoenix’s mass-transit.

Follow @Brexit on Twitter, join our Facebook group and sign up to our brexit bulletin. britain is stepping up its plans to be a leader in self-driving. technology giants such as Alphabet Inc. and.

That has helped companies including Uber, Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo Car Group catch up with Google, Juneja said. For more on autonomous cars: Bloomberg. the technology are by.